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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenerefers to linear structure polyethylene with a molecular weight of more than 3 million. UHMWPE Sheet It is an engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive properties. Its ability to withstand wear, impact, corrosion and self-lubrication, and the ability to absorb impact are these five properties that are currently available. The supremacy of plastics is known in the world as the UHMWPE Sheet"amazing material".

Product Detail

UHMWPE Sheet is widely used in industry because of its excellent properties. UHMW-PE has been widely used in textile, paper, packaging, transportation, machinery, chemical, mining, petroleum, agriculture, construction, electrical, food, medical, Ships, automobiles and other fields.

Scope of application
1. Textile machinery
Textile machinery is an early application field of UHMWPE. At present, the average number of UHMWPE parts used in textile machinery is 30, such as shuttles, gears, couplings, sweeping rods, buffer blocks, eccentrics, rod bushings and other parts that can withstand impact and wear.

2. Paper machinery
Papermaking machinery is the second field of UHMWPE application. At present, the application of UHMWPE in papermaking machinery accounts for 10% of the total. , seals, etc.

3. Packaging machinery
Use UHMWPE to replace modified fluoroplastic guide rails, fixed plates, transmission devices, UHMW-PE guide rails, spacers, and guardrails.

4. General machinery
Gears, cams, impellers, rollers, bearings, gaskets, gaskets, elastic couplings, bolts, pipe clamps, etc. can be made of UHMWPE. Such as port, bridge pier protection board.

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