Product Description

HDPE Rod has excellent temperature resistance, good chemical stability, can withstand the erosion of most acids and alkalis (it is not resistant to acid and has oxidation), insoluble in common solvents at room temperature, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation performance; low density; toughness Good, has good tensile properties; good electrical and dielectric insulation; low water absorption; low moisture permeability; good chemical stability; tensile properties.

Product Detail

HDPE Rod can be well cut by machine, the incision is neat and free of burrs, and can be cut as a whole. It can be used directly without processing. It can also be processed by a variety of CNC and other equipment, and can be customized according to drawings to meet all your needs.

Products are widely used in medical equipment parts, seals, cutting boards, sliding profiles; widely used in chemical, machinery, electric power, clothing, packaging, food, environmental protection, textile and other industries; gas transmission, water supply, sewage, agricultural irrigation, mining fine It is widely used in the transportation of particulate solids, as well as in the fields of oil field, chemical industry, post and telecommunications, especially in gas transportation.

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