Product Description

High Temperature Resistant Synthetic Stone is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin composites. It has good dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, antistatic property, and non-flammability in the high temperature environment of 260-350°C. Suitable for solder protection in SMT wave soldering process. Easy to use, no broken, no delamination, no burrs, no irritation to the human body, can be customized according to drawings, easy to quickly process in CNC machine tools without damaging the tool.

Product Detail

Product Features:

The corrosion resistance of high temperature resistant synthetic stone originates from the advantages of technology research and development and design. Its corrosion resistance performance exceeds that of similar products and prolongs its service life. The processed high temperature resistant synthetic stone has no burrs, the product is fine, and the processing details are not easy to delaminate. Fracture, no irritating gas during processing, uniform and stable ESD, no pores, impurities, and even and fine fiber distribution on the board surface.

Technical Parameter:

Parameter Name Unit Parameter
Color / Black/Blue/Grey/Red
Density g/m³ 1.9
Surface Resistance Ω 60-90
Bending Strength 23°C MPa 480
Sustained Temperature °C 260
Maximum Temperature °C 350
Corrosion Resistance / Extremely Strong
Board Specifications mm 1200*2440
Board Thickness mm Custom Made
Thickness Tolerance mm 0-0.1

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