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PTFE Tri Clamp Screen Sanitary Gasket with SS 316 mesh A Tri Clover Compatible Clamp and Gasket along with a pair or Tri Clover fittings is required to make a complete connection. Brewers Hardware carries sanitary tri clover tri clamp gaskets in four different materials:Silicone,EPDM,PTFE,BUNA-N.

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PTFE Tri Clamp Screen Sanitary Gasket with SS 316 mesh

Style KXT TCG PTFE Tri Clamp Screen Sanitary Gasket with SS 316 mesh

PTFE Sanitary Tri-Clamp Screen Gaskets are the material of choice where low temperature flexibility and hygienic seal memory are not required. We don't recommend using PTFE Sanitary Gaskets where large temperature variations frequently occur. PTFE gaskets provide excellent heat resistance, second only to ss, with an operating range from -100°F to 500°F. From a chemical standpoint PTFE has good stability, almost no extractables, a low absorption rate, and excellent resistance to process fluids. These Tri-Clamp Gaskets can remain in service for long periods of time in both water and steam applications



• Interchangeable with standard Tri-Clamp Gaskets

 -100°F to 500°F Temperature Range

 Excellent resistance to process fluids

 Excellent heat resistance

 Good stability

Cost Saving

• Excellent production capacity & short delivery time

• Longer life using time, replace not often



•  Suitable for high purity systems

•.Dairy, beverage industries

• Pharmaceutical industries

• Triclamp

• Butterfly Valve

• Union and so on



From 1/2'' to 12''

Custom Welcom




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